Here is what Nationwide Insurance did only days before I was scheduled for surgery.  This was after they got a doctor to write a report that there was nothing wrong with me, used this  to deny coverage, and were aware I was paying cash for my own Artificial Disc.replacement.  It is difficult for me to tell you this, because you just won't believe it.  They called Dr. Yue and told him the one and only thing that a medical claims representative knows from experience that will make a doctor cancel a patients procedure.  And it worked.  Dr. Yue canceled my surgery. However, being the greatest of greats, Dr. Yue called me down to New Haven, CT to meet with me.  Remember, by this time I am on major pain meds and thinking is a chore, let along an hour drive to New Haven.  I made the drive in over two hours, sleeping in the van at rest stops and the parking garage.

I am in the waiting room and here is a woman sitting like me.  Now you would have to know me, that I had to ask her if she was an ADR.  She said she was and probably the earliest time she could have surgery with the busy schedule was in 3 more months, but Dr. Yue called her in because there may be a cancellation and open table in three days. Who's operating room do you think they were talking about.  Yup, Paybillys'.  I told her that I wasn't here to cancel.  What a way to find out you are getting canned. 

I meet with Dr. Yue and he gets right to the point.  He says Nationwide Insurance called him and told the biggie and he is prepared not to treat me.  How do you think I felt?  Can you imagine I could hardly say or think of anything.  Dr. Yues' next question is just so typical of how he gets to the truth.  He asked me if what Nationwide accuses is true?

Well, it wasn't true but I figured just a "No" denial wouldn't do.  So I just said NO. 

He asked if (x) caused (y) and that was all?  I said YES. 

Then came the longest moment I ever had. He asked me to confirm again that I was being truthful and then he said he believed me and that my condition was like so many he has helped before, that he thought I would really benefit.  And he put me back on the White Board!

This is the level of deceit Nationwide Insurance Company and their lawyers have gone to just to make my life miserable, break up my family, take all my money and leave me for dead without a future. Next week I will probably be bitter.

So, what about the woman in the waiting room? I received the last clinical trial disc and now the procedure doubles to $ 60,000.00 which she couldn't afford because she too was cash.  Dr. Yue took her to Germany the next week, really, and fixed her too.

Please don't be shy about calling Marty Hynes, (614)249-8065, Vice President of Marketing, Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, Ohio and telling him how lousy his claims people and lawyers are, NATIONWIDEINSURANCESUCKS.IT and that you support Paybilly and will not buy Nationwide Insurance.

Thank You,
June 21, 2007