Seriously, I need money and help picketing these people.  Nationwide was in contact with my doctor right down to the last minute trying to persuade him not to help me. These are incredibly not nice people. My best example I can think of today is tribal human survival.  There is some real bad medicine out there and I am informing you of it to save your life. I have spent every dime I have for the treatment I needed. If I had waited any longer, the chances are my toes would not wiggle. The procedure took almost two full additional hours because of complications to the nerves caused from the damaged disc injured in lifting at work in 1991. This is indisputable, it is on video.

This will go beyond my surgery because I need to tell you how Workers Compensation works. The moment you make a filing First Report of Injury against your employer, you have initiated a law suit. Are you the type of person who would file a civil litigation on your own?  Then why would you threaten to sue your employer over a work related injury without legal advice?

 I would like to print up some bumper stickers and could use volunteers to staff drive time picket sites, could be in vehicles only too. To date, donations have been very generous and gratefully accepted as loans only. The surgery has been beyond expectations of the medical personnel and the extent of damage from the injury and 14 years of neglected treatment by Nationwide was severe and life threatening. The pathology is undeniably in my favor. Dr. Aaris Yannopoulos of 3 Woodleigh Pl. Weatogue (Simsbury) CT (860)651-7112 said a month before my surgery, there was nothing wrong with me.  He and his partner Steven Selden (860) 521-3007 of 40 Timrod Rd. West Hartford CT are not nice people.  They are known as Orthopedic Associates of Central CT 510 Cottage Grove Rd. Bloomfield, CT.  Dr. Yannopoulos resembles a monkey, and in the tradition of Animal House, may he from this day forward be known as Monkey Man.  They both have been doing this scam for Nationwide for years.  We estimate a few more months of picketing Nationwide Office in Manchester on East Center St. will close their doors and this is an easy location for anyone able to staff a placard on their car for an hour to be real effective.

It's good to be back and have lived through this ordeal.  Thanks to all the honks Saturday, I needed them. Bill