By now you have found this Workers Compensation Page and I shall try to post or expand on one Workers Compensation Tragedy monthly.  You will soon realize the obvious connections to all the stories and the problem is more than Nationwide Insurance.  The one connection I need to remind you of, is we all share the belief that this could never have happened to us by the system legislated to protect to us.  The links to the stories are protected by the publisher (Courant) but accessible for free. If you wish to access complete articles email me and I will explain the process.  The trail court cases will be more difficult for me to present, but the case citations will be provided for your reference. 

Story # 1

Krauss, a psychiatric nurse at Whiting Forensic Institute who was blinded by a patient in 1987, tried to handcuff herself to a state office building to protest the way she says she's been treated by the Workers Compensation of Connecticut.
Krauss was incensed as she left the Workers' Compensation Commission office after failing to reach a settlement she believes would fairly compensate her for her injuries.
With a metal handcuff on her right wrist and led by her guide dog, Yonder, Krauss reached out, trying to find something solid to fix the open half of the cuff to. End.

There is a Connecitcut Attorney who recently wrote a letter how bad the Connecticut system is.  Only lawyers may be Workers Compensation Commissioners because of the legal complexity. It is not possible to navigate the system without legal representation.  If you try, you hang.  State of Connecticut Senators and Representatives who have ignored the Krauss story believe the system is working.  Just call one.

Representative Jack Thompson, Manchester, CT  860-643-8991.
Senator Mary Ann Handley, Manchester, CT  860-649-8367

Story # 2 Roger Beaudry

Roger Beaudry is denied Workers Compensation benefits after his operating room death.