It all began like any good nightmare. Once upon a time there was a boy named Billy in the pursuit of furthering his career became involved in Sales at a Connecticut powerboat company.  The goal was to gain sales experience to further an Engineering position.  They were happily married and things were good.  One day while at work the owner of the company asked if he would assist in lifting very heavy load.  At the count of three Billy did lift with all his might, only to see the load not budge an inch.  At the laugh of his companion, he learned they did not lift, making a joke out of it.  

The first week was the type of pain you just figure will go away.  It didn't and the Motrin prescriptions began and three weeks later I was at the doctor.  Looking back now on fourteen years and I still remember having deep concern for the future, even then.  It was a year later that the first MRI was performed.  The radiologist report identified a herniation of the disc space.  I was referred to Pain Management in 1992 by a Neurosurgeon and accepted for treatment.  Upon notification Nationwide denied treatment.  The Neurosurgeon did a second referral to Nationwide, which they ignored. The doctor then did what I felt was much unprecedented at the time, he referred me to a Chiropractor in Manchester CT.  By this time the acute pain had become chronic and I could not sleep more than an hour or work at all.  I spent the next ten years in chiropractic care and I have had over 2200 adjustments to my spine.  I will also tell you I have taken over 20,000 Tylenol. 

 Nationwide refused numerous requests for Chiropractic treatment that was a legitimate referral.  I had numerous falls and periods of not being able to walk for those ten years, but nothing like the summer of 2003.  Nothing worked. I went to Hartford Hospital Emergency Room at 3 am with the intention of getting help or getting arrested.  They were so nice to me, no one could have been mean.  I felt like I was finally getting help.  The result was a series of injections for pain relief and diagnosis.  In 2004 I had a very painful (I hope I don't scare anyone) but necessary procedure, discogram, to exactly identify the source of pain.  It turned out to be the disc, as right from the beginning, not the muscle the nay-sayers lied about.  I was given the option for fusion, but they also mentioned a better procedure expecting  FDA approval late 2004 and I should wait if I could.  I waited and hung onto what life has remained. 

When FDA approval was given in October 2004 for the artificial disc, I was seen and qualified in November and could have been pain free by the holidays if Nationwide would pay.  They wouldn't.  The Commissioner of Worker Compensation and Nationwide both mentioned a Connecticut doctor they believe was better than the NYC one I had seen.  I failed to mention to them I already had an appointment to see him.  (Let me tell you one thing I learned is not to jinx good things).  So in effect, their doctor has qualified me for the Artificial Disc Procedure but they are denying me payment because they have a doctor that says I don't need surgery.  The doctor that they have saying this has not reviewed the Discogram Report as the pain generator and was not informed of the two other Orthopedic Surgeons recommendations for surgical intervention, (one they have recommended).  He was informed that 4 MRI's and one CT Scan all were indicative of annual tearing and disc herniation but refused to respond.  He was informed that my test score on the major low back pain questionnaire indicates I need surgical intervention due to loss of several life functions, but he refused to consider it. 

So we have dilemma where in 3 dayss I am scheduled to have some real major surgery and someone must be right and someone must be wrong and  I am in the middle  of the conflict I am going to get to the bottom of.  My own diagnosis is I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, and after 14 years continuing chronic pain, loss of my family and home, I can not live like this any longer. 

When you don't see me on the picket line and it is raining or cold, or raining and cold , I am home in much pain like today.

May 28, 2005 was a great day for picketing.  Many thanks to all supporters, you great honkers.

June 27, 2005 Surgery I paid for, has been an improvement and I will be able to expend endless hours fighting Nationwide.  We are planning a
visit to Ohio Corporate this year.

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