Nationwide Corporation Complaint

Nationwide big slogan small to zero services - Car insurance policy
Posted By: ramolungu on 6/20/2006

Location: MD

Nationwide slogan is on your side should be more like stuck on your side...

I had a car insurance policy in FL where I lived for about one year, then I relocate to MD and switch to a MD Nationwide policy where they double charged me!! YES DOUBLE CHARGED...not only my monthly premium increased, there was a transfer fee of $199 and they wanted me to pay from previous months the increased premium rate...

Anyway as this would not be enough...the fun part starts now...trying to switch to another company.
Unbelivable!!! I did call them and a notty lady voice says to me...NO PROBLEMS!! I switched on March in time right during my past policy and before the new policy with Nationwide should start...Now we are in June and I still get every month a statement from Nationwide which requires me to pay them the first month premium??? Why??? Because the first lady I talk to forgot to update my data in their system, because the docs from the new insurance policy that I send them once by fax and then by regular mail were not yet updated....they told me on the phone it takes 6 MONTHS to update .... I still receive phone calls from them about the first month premium which I should pay....and there are 4 months since this is going over and over!!
I know one thing for sure...that I am happy to share with other people my bad experience with Nationwide, tell them to stay away and I will stay away from any Nationwide product and I will do anything possible that all my friend will do the same!!