The local  Nationwide Office denied our loss and Paybilly got us $ 5,500.00 through his knowledge of insurance.  more

My wife and I are from Manchester, CT and we want you to PLEASE PAY BILLY! Otherwise we nor any of our family members and friends will ever consider doing business with Nationwide.
Ms. Perry,
 Its disgusting that your company is refusing to pay for Bill's medically necessary, FDA approved surgery.
 You have 117 billion dollars in assets? How greedy your company is that you won't pay for a surgery in
 the tens of thousands.
 How do you sleep at night knowing that by not paying what you should pay, you are going to ruin his life
 financially? I hope that one of your family members gets into the same predicament.
 You make me sick.
 Daniel Schwartz
Pay Billy
I just wanted to say that I am from Manchester, CT and I have read Billy's story. Needless to say my husband & I will NEVER even consider having Nationwide as our insurance company. I am emailing Billy's website to all of my family members and friends and know without a doubt they will never purchase your insurance either.

Pay billy!!!

This is completely schiesty. You're not on anyones side but your own. Your
criminialistice in your business practices. And to think I considered getting
insurance trough your company...THANKS BILLY. You're nothing more then
crooks. Pay for his operation already!! Your doctor said, "he doesn't need it".
Well based on Nationwide's track record with law suites, targeting
minorities, discrimination and the such, I question how many Malpractice Law Suites
have you paid out your "doctor" that claims Billy doesn't need the operation, as
if Billy just wants to be cut open for the hell of it after all these years.
And what cut monitarialy is this doctor getting? Cause you're paying him
(them) something for their lies.. You ought to be ASHAMED to even have that
lying commercial on TV, decieving the American People.

Seeing that there has been a changing of Governmental hands in CT, a state
in which you are not even registered as an insurance carrier. I think Billy
should take it to the Governor, and the Attorney General, Congress. And
Eyewitness News.
You may not want to pay to releave his years of cronic pain, but what you
sow you will reap.

Dear Jane Perry,  What is the purpose of insurance if not to pay for those in need? It is imperative that you do whatever is in your power to see to it that deserving individuals such as Bill (operator of get the compensation they deserve. What is $50,000  (his claim) compared to $100,000,000,000 (your fat pockets)? Hopefully you are not already numb to the ways that nonpayment can ruin lives, but it is probably such a part of your day-to-day. Please consider this one case. Bill is making such a personal effort, you must not deny his claim. I am glad I do not have Nationwide, and I will advise everyone I know  to avoid your company. Thanks for your time.  K.B. Manchester, CT