Columbus Ohio 02/08/2008: I am a long time Nationwide Insurance Co. employee - over 30 years. My performance appraisals are consistently rate above average, and I have progressed nicely through the ranks.
However, Nationwide Insurance is not longer the company I would sweat blood and tears for. Employees are of little value but are a statistical number. Older employees instead of being looked as for advice and wisdom are treated as a liability. The company believes you do not need any experience to perform at an acceptable level. They believe a college graduate will be more beneficial the company than an employee who has been here 10, 15, 20 years or longer- Nationwide Insurance is biased against the older employee and are walking a fine line when it comes to age discrimination.

I have heard our executives are getting huge bonuses and buying multi-million dollar homes (one was described as being so far over the top it is a crime) all this at the expense of the workers who enabled them to get their large bonuses and multi-million dollar homes

Nationwide Insurance is not on the employees side, it is not on the customers side, it is not on the side of anyone except the top executives.

How can a company justify the hundreds of millions it spends on Hospitals, Nationwide Golf sponsorship, NASCAR sponsorship but cannot spend more than a few hundred dollars in raises for its employees

How can a company that has received numerous tax breaks and benefits to build large skyscrapers and arenas in downtown Columbus turn around and stick their nose in the area to the community that gave them that luxury by laying off people in the community - where is the sense of responsibility - one place in the pockets off the board of directors and top executives.

I encourage all that read this to boycott Nationwide products and tell your family and friends to the same.


I say boycott all Nationwide products and be sure to tell everyone not just family and friends. The company is not worthy of anyone's business in my eyes so please spread the word and tell everyone!!!

Old Timer:
I was with Nationwide for 31+ years before I was pressured into retirement. You stay because of the "golden handcuffs". At one time, it was an excellent company to work for but it changed. By the time it became a horrible place to work, retirement benefits and other benefits of long time employment prevents you from leaving. The newer employees will not have "golden handcuffs' because the long term benefits have been eliminated for newer employees.