On May 27,2001, I was in Salisbury Maryland visiting relatives and on vacation. I was on a road known as Old Ocean City Road or Rte. 349. A truck driven by a company called Pool Tech Inc also located in Salisbury was traveling West on this road I was making a right hand turn and this truck passed me on the right hand side which is illegal passing. The man almost ran through the street sign and would have killed some kids if he hadn't stopped.

I called the police; the driver got in his truck and moved it so the police could not see where his truck stopped. The Maryland State Police told me that he was definitely at fault. In Maryland since I had not reported any injuries at the time and damage looks under $1,500, they don't charge anyone. In this case I am the looser.

I didn't hear from the insurance company, so I saw an attorney in Virginia. I am a Youth Pastor so I felt suing is not an issue. He contacted Nationwide and they contacted me and said that they were not going to pay for any damages. He was very rude and attempted to twist my story. I told him that his insured passed me on the right hand side of the road and there is only one lane.

He stated that his insured passed on the shoulder and he passed because my left turn signal was on. I had several witnesses in my vehicle to the accident. The driver is lying through his teeth. I grew up on that street and told the adjuster that if that were the case I would have been turning into a field.

My attorney in Virginia said I had better get a lawyer in Maryland. I got a lawyer in Maryland named Walter Webster, he said he would rather deal with any insurance company than Nationwide because they refuse to pay any claims. He has had a hard time in the past and doesn't like taking the cases. He told me it would cost more than it is worth. I ended paying all medical bills, which were not much, and a total loss on my van, which by the way was a 1987 Dodge, good shape. It wasn't worth a whole lot but it was transportation.

What bothers me most is that Nationwide is such a big company that it can take advantage of people like that. The attorney said, if it was any other company and not a commercial division of Nationwide I would have a chance of getting reimbursed. I never heard from Nationwide again, my attorney in Maryland said he thought at one point they were going to make a payment. I figure now since I am not going to go into debt to sue them and I'm sorry, I believe in the Bible you don't sue people but confront those who wrong you.

I was honest, those around me say I should have fallen on the ground, got an ambulance. I am not dishonest. It makes me feel good just to explain it. I don't know if you can put light on this situation but this type of insurance company dishonesty goes on.

Locust Grove, Virginia