From the desk of  10am Saturday, June 11, 2005.

Well, going over the results of Wednesday 0800 meeting with Me, Nationwide attorney Fredrick Monahan and the Workers Comp Commissioner, Jesse Frankl at 999 Asylum Ave, Hartford, Ct: The Commissioner said:
1. The IME for Nationwide, Dr. Aris Yannopoulos of Bloomfield and Simsbury CT, who stated there is nothing wrong with me on April 27, 2005 is not liked by the commissioner. I am not surprised. But was surprised by the candor the commissioner responded not even wanting to discuss anything Yannopoulos had to say. Period.
2. He threw out the IME report. In fact he threw it at the Nationwide Attorney.
3. He stated that Commissioner Salerno and Nationwide in December. 2004 agreed that Dr. Yue of Yale New Haven who is doing the surgery on me June 14, 2005 at 1pm. is the expert.
4. He ordered Nationwide to pay for the surgery.  Nationwide refused. Their position is they will not pay until ordered so by a trial court and then they will exhaust every possible appeal, making my life, (if there is any left), more living hell.
5. Commissioner Frankl did not understand the procedure as the Dr. Yue wrote it and would not listen to any explanation from me.  I tried three times to explain I would qualify for a 2 level fusion of L4/L5 and L5/S1 vertebrae. That a two level Artificial Disc may be performed at the recommendation of the Dr. and consent of the patient. That really, no one knows for sure what to expect, well, until they get in there. Basically a surgery will be performed and the options all open, entirely at Dr. Yue's discretion.  They will not be waking me up, calling Nationwide or the Commissioner and asking for their input.  But the expected outcome is 2 Artificial Disc Replacements. The commissioner was confused about FDA approval requirements.
6. He then ordered his own Commissioners evaluation for me to see his doctor. 
7. He can not make any orders for anyone to pay me at the informal hearing level.
8. He ordered me to cancel Tuesdays procedure. He would not listen to the fact I have been waiting minimally since December and my window is likely to close if I miss this date. Wait, he can't enforce his order for Nationwide to pay me, but he can enforce the order for me not to have surgery I am paying for by myself? Do you think the system is working just fine, still? 
I am still scheduled and putting the ducks all in a row as I write you. You are the first to know the news.
It is not about me being right, or any other motive than getting fixed so I can live again. I have a job offer on the other side of recovery. I can have a life back with my children. Dr. Yue at Yale New Haven has helped many people exactly like me. For this procedure, Artificial Disc Replacement, they turn away 80% of the patients, keeping less than 20%. They want their success. I have promised the doctor I will accept the job offer. He likes that because he gets a feather in his cap of returning people back to work. It has all the makings of a win-win situation for all, except Nationwide is trying to de-rail the surgery by telling lies to Dr. Yue.  I am fortunate to have an experienced Dr. who can see the truth and have faith in me. My loan is on shaky ground (again this week) and with all the cash I have been able to raise to give the hospital, leaves me less than $ 200.00 for food and everything for the remainder of the month. There is no money for after care recovery. But as bad as it looks, waiting will not make anything better.

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