About a month and a half ago My husband, myself and our three kids were out for a leisure drive on a Saturday night in our 1967 RS/SS big block convertible camaro. (we only drive it on weekends). We started to have car trouble, I immediatley told my husband to get out the road ( to which he did) about 30 seconds later a 72 year old man ran off the side of the road and hit our car. Now if any of you have classic cars you know they are your pride and joy (and you also know the time and money spent on them). I thought I was dreaming, I could not believe that this beautiful car(that our entire family loved) now looked like a mangled piece of junk. The right quarter panel was just rolled up metal.

I do not have much space but to let you comsumers know if you have nationwide CANCEL IT. If you ever get hit by someone with nationwide ins. you better be prepared for the longest ,most stressful event you have ever been through in your life. They do not want to pay off. They accuse you of everything possible, when you are just a innocent victim. It's not right and it's not fair and we all need to stand together and put a stop to these insurance companies. This case is still pending and we have not recieved a dime.