Beware of Nationwide Insurance

Claim #00235326 - filed in 2006
Quartzsite Police Case # - 06-00540
Quartzsite Arizona is a small town on Interstate 10 about 120 miles
west of Phoenix.

The following story is true, not embellished, and is backed up by
police and witness reports. It's about a very large insurance company
vs a small, struggling, gasoline operation in Western Arizona.

  After years of trying to collect on a claim Nationwide finally
succeeded in not paying the legitimate claim. It's a story showing how
large insurance companies sell insurance then lie and lie to get out
of paying legitimate clams filed by innocent victims who suffer
because of Actions of their insured. It's the story of Park Place
Travel Center, LLC in Quartzsite Arizona Vs Nationwide Insurance

  On January 1, 2006 a simi truck Owned and operated by Woody’s (a   gas station chain
in arizona) and driven by Woody’s employee, George   Massie rolled over his simi in the
town of Quartzsite Arizona. The   accident caused residents and business to be
evacuated for about  1000  ft. around the accident location. Woody's insurance company 
was  Nationwide

  The simi was hauling approximately 8,600 gallons of unleaded
gasoline. The police estimated that about 5,000  gallons spilled onto
the ground.

  In our case (Park Place Travel Center, LLC) officers from the   local Police
Department arrived at our Exxon C-store/Deli  resautrant/ gas station and demanded that
we leave immediately  leaving prepared  food standing (we were getting ready for the
lunch  hour rush.)  Uncompleted work was left undone. “Just leave, now!  officers told 
George Wright, our store manager. The six on duty  employees left  quickly.

  On our property an employee,  was preparing New years   dinner for a
group of friends that were coming later. Officers  knocked  on his door and yelled that
the area was being evacuated  and he had to  leave now. Billy told the officer he would
only be a  few minutes. The  officer told him again “now, or you’ll be  arrested.” The
officer was  firm but obviously concerned about  billy’s well being.

  It was very cold and he wore only shorts and a T-shirt. He was
not able to return until late at night when the temperature dipped to
a very cold level. he became extremely ill from the incident and
was off work for some time.

  Later when he reported the incident to Nationwide we was told   to, “Forget it,
it’s ridiculous.”

Our losses at the time was estimated at about $11,000. Nationwide
spent the next two years asking for one report after another
stalling, stalling, stalling.

  Then one day a letter came saying that the State of Arizona has a
statute of limitations fro filing a claim. They informed us it was too

  The claim had been filed for almost two years. We had had at least
20 or more correspondences.

  Nationwide lied and beat the system. Woody’s went about their own   way, and to our
knowledge the driver is still hauling fuel.

  The damage done to Park Place Travel Center, was never paid for.
Employees were paid by us. And Billy Davis has recovered but never
compensated for his long illness.

  The whole incident cost our company a lot of money. But more
importantly Nationwide got away clean.

Nationwide Insurance would you feel safe if you were insured by this   company?
That’s the way it goes in the big city.