Almost Broken, The Larry Nign Story
Here is what an Injured Worker stuck in the system of corruption for 18 years has to say in under 60 seconds:  on YouTube

Almost Broken is for those that have been pushed and shoved in this system we call workers comp.

Almost is to let you know you are not alone and sometimes give incite into why you are still waiting 5 years for your treatment, what to look for, how to deal with it in the meantime.

Too often there are stories that lead to despaire. The impact on your family will be more then you could ever dream of.

The design of the insurance companies are to break you down, take what little dignity you have left, break up your family and leave you homeless unless you take what they have to offer.

What they offer will leave you even further broken, alone, and in debt.

Almost is dedicated to Injured Workers and offers stories that will make YOU not feel alone.

Visit this site and scroll down and you will see for yourself what Larry Nign captured on film. 

Believe it or not, Larry has photos of the Workers Compensation Division laughing at him for standing up for his rights while the government turns their evil backs.