It has been 11 years since I paid $ 30,000.00 for the operation Workers Compensation said I did not need, Nationwide Insurance Doctor said would be a criminal act by my surgeon, Nationwide attorney they will not pay until ordered by Supreme Court and the Commissioner denied me surgery and benefits over the telephone.  If you see me standing here, obviously it was needed and successful.  I want my money, wouldn't you?  Do you think WC benefits can be terminated over the phone?

"Workers Compensation Commissioner Jesse Frankl lacks the judicial temperament and sound judgement necessary when you put peoples lives in someone's hand."  Co-Chair of Labor Committee James O'Rourke.  This is the Commissioner who terminated my benefits over the phone.  We will bring to light the corrupt practices designed to give more power through shoddy legal practices to Commissioners while stripping you of your rights under Workers Compensation Act.  State Representative says WC Commissioners are Judges and there is no remedy left for workers under present Workers Compensation Statutes.  IW DAY ORG LETTER


        Always nice to have company          Glastonbury CT Nettelton Agency                   Aris Agency Manch. CT 2003                Nationwide Rocky Hill, CT 2003
Get your own sign Rell SmellsManchester
                        Nationwide Office Rocky Hill Corporate  
 "Get your own sign"                    Watch Video                    Nationwide Manch. CT 2003    CT Nationwide Corp Off. CLOSED    
WORKERS MEMORIAL DAY OBSERVANCE        APRIL 28, 2012        CT State Capitol.

Nationwide Insurance will generate approximately $200 million annually through its NASCAR sponsorship.
Nationwide is a company that helps consumers plan for their futures, so they can achieve their dreams," Lyski said.   WHAT?      Calling all Nationwide Ins. denied claimants, please mail Mr. Lyski your dreams.                                                           

The IME Dr. looked at my chart, rolled his eyes, and shook his head.
Kind of like hoping a Nazi doctor won�t send you to the �showers.�                                                                                          Jill Cohen Walker

The design of the insurance companies are to break you down, take what little dignity you have left,                                 Almost
 break up your family and leave you homelessunless ....                                
Unprosecuted Insurance Fraud benefits State Workers Compensation Agency.                         Injured Worker  victim You Tube
It's a story showing how Nationwide Insurance sells insurance then lie and lie to get out
of paying legitimate clams filed .......(Quartzsize  AZ) ........  we are.........                                                     Inocent  Victims
Calling all CT injured workers.  Where to read Workers Compensation Act Statutes -                    YOUR RIGHTS HERE AND NOW
Barbara Clark has been searching for justice in the US for over a decade. As seen in Michael Moore Movie Sicko -       Injured worker suffers
Manchester CT  Police Most Wanted List 2009 - Dr. who said there was nothing wrong with my back-                         Crook Vildozola
National Commission on State Workers' Compensation Laws Act of 2009  HR 635 IH                                                                           BACA BILL
Nationwide Insurance sues a 10 yr. old for negligent cycling.....                                                                                                           Mother distraught
"People who choose to insure with Nationwide should be required to be on a national registry that warns neighbors of their poor decision."
Pastor says "Nationwide is such a big company that can take advantage of people"......                            Nationwide Insurance calls Pastor a Liar  
"Nationwide slogan is on your side should be more like stuck on your side" better yet ...              "Thorn in your side"      Big stuck
"It is terrible, IT STINKS, workers compensation law can not make you whole".              Representative Melissa Olson
"I was shocked the first time I heard a story about someone made homeless by a work-related injury":                 "Back in Pain" � A Blog by Rob
Beware Nationwide Insurance -  -                                                                                                                                      New 2009 Nationwide Claim Denial
"Its disgusting that your company Nationwide Insurance  is refusing to pay for Bill's medically necessary, FDA approved surgery. You have 140 billion dollars in assets?  How greedy your company is that you won't pay for a surgery,."                                                  Greedy, Greedy

People talk about "greedy trial attorneys" when they should be talking ...  about .........                                        "Greedy Insurance Companies"

4  NEW Nationwide Court Cases of Bad Faith....                                                                                                                Nationwide Insurance Loosers
"If what happened to Billy happens to you, I can guarantee you that you will be begging for an artificial disk"            Dr. tells his injury story
"It's not right, it's not fair and we all need to stand together to put a stop to these insurance companies"......                        Classic Ripoff
The NY State Insurance Board is not surprised by my complaint"...                                                                            Beware of Nationwide Insurance
Nationwide Insurance is not on the employees� side, not on the customers side, it is not on the side of anyone except the top execs. .
I encourage all that read this to boycott Nationwide Insurance products and tell your family and friends to the same.......  So Bad
America's injured workers tell (all) of the horrors that their families have had to endure in the name of obscene insurance industry profits.    National Organization of Injured Workers
March 4, 2008 Testimony to State of Connecticut Labor Committee - Read Here
Workers Compensation - How it should work
What CT Judges are telling Workers Compensation Commissions who are not listening.
Workers Compensation Bad Faith Jury Award $ 10 Millon Dollars.
Workers Compensation - Has never been a real friendly place
Jolicoeur v. Duncklee Inc. Dr. Yue Testifiies (Have you ever seen a Workers Compensation Trial?)
How about CT Legisltators Investigating Workers Compensation like a Quality Control Review?
Paula, a nurse blinded at work, tried to handcuff herself to the handrail at State  of CT office in protest .....nurses' story.
Workers Compensation says 10 years chronic back pain in not medically necessary surgery after patient dies....sad but true
 "Workers Compensation Commissioner Jesse Frankl lacks the judicial temperament and sound judgement necessary when you put peoples lives in someone's hand."  quote Co-Chair of Labor Committee James O'Rourke.
Your Story Here - Send to Mail to Bill - PO Box 3951, Manchester, CT 06045
Commissioner awards 2% loss of brain after car falls on employees head......Story to follow.
"You Wouldn't have attorney involvement if people were getting the benefits they were owed." CT Trail Lawyers Assoc.
Barbara Clark 15 yr. WC fight You got hurt at work...this is what to
expect.       ALMOST BROKEN......
Proof Connecticut Workers Compensation Corruption -  Reserved
Injured Workers Forum Workers Compensation
Robs' Story Workers
Class Action Suit Against Nationwide Connecticut Workers Compensation Cases
You Won't Believe.
Nationwide Restitution for Fraud   
$ 650,000
Nationwide denies more claims Nationwide (Busted) Federal Complaint Nationwide and their affiliated companies
The Nationwide Sucks Website
Free Advice - Nationwide  Reviews
Participate in Health Ins. Protest June 19
RIP OFF REPORT 10 Nationwide
insurance horror stories.

 Nationwide Insurance is Crooks You just will not believe this.

Paybilly's Story

Paybilly June 10, 2005 Update

Paybilly June 27, 2005 Update



What do I want ?

WC Sign
Paybilly before and after Surgery Photo
Artificial Disc
Support Here
What is a
herniated disc?
Pain/Disability Assesment
Chronic Pain
4-Level Artificial Disc Proposal
Dr. Yue
Workers Compensation Connecticut
Charite Artificial Disc
Depuy Spine
Artificial Disc Clinical Results
Comp investigator caught
Comp Investigator caught



                    PHOTOS - Some fine examples of last years picketing. Over 10 offices picketed, 4 closed.
Corporate offices in Rocky Hill, CT heading for the hills of PA.  bye-bye.

                                     February 23, 2015- Picketing has begun outside State of Connecticut Capitol and a plan is in place to hold sit down in Governors Office.




Would you please consider calling Nationwide  VP Martin Hynes (1-614-249-8065) and Governor Malloy 860-566-4840   @Gov.Malloy

Tell them to:


Pay Billy

To report Connecticut Workers Compensation Corruption - Contact or
Mail to: Bill - PO Box 3951, Manchester, CT 06045
What is Governors motive to cover up Connecticut Workers Compensation Corruption?  Rell   Does Governor know?  Probably   

Why is the Connecticut Attorney General involved in the corruption?  Family friends are Comp. Commissioners?